Creating a safer environment for crypto transactions

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Safer trades

Using Blockplace will ensure that your transaction to another user will be 100% secure. Our service will provide a way to send a payment to another user and be able have a peace of mind knowing that you are not able to be scammed

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Build the trust

Having a way to build your business from the ground up

Gaining trust between a client / customer during your beginning stages can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. Using Blockplace you can build your empire from the ground up and have a secure way of creating transactions with your customers

Support from us

We're always here to give a helping hand

If for any reason there seems to be an issue with your trade, you can always open a dispute by reporting the trade and it will be placed on hold and be reviewed be one of the moderators.

How it works

Creating a safe transaction

Create a trade with a user

Start off by creating a secure trade with a user, input the amount of money you desire to pay and a description of what service you are purchasing and what you expect to receive.

Deposit money securely

When you have created your trade with all the information inputted, you will be asked to deposit your money, this will be a safe and secure transaction where your money will be held in our smart contract until the trade is complete.
A 1% Fee will occur for every trade

The Token


The $BPLACE token

Our tokenomics have been designed to provide stability while sustaining the ecosystem development and growth.

A 8% transaction tax grants at the same time a constant increase of our liquidity, and funding for our development and marketing

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Even more incentive to hold $BPLACE

BPLACE token holders have access to Special holder features and take will have lower fees when trading

funds development & marketing
Developer wallet
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Roadmap 2022


  • Private sale
  • Release of website
  • Beta app creation
  • Pre-marketing
  • Contract creation


  • Release of token on PancakeSwap
  • Add liquidity

Blockplace App (BETA)

  • Secure ways of transacting
  • Middleman service
  • Add tipping option
  • Debugging any issues

Marketing & Funding

  • Collaboration and interviews with world-renowned media outlets
  • Press releases with top crypto and world news portals
  • Professional social media campaign
  • Significant upgrade in Ad campaign


  • Bridge onto ETH

Blockplace App

  • Add a Marketplace to share your work and advertise your skills
  • Defi Launchpad
  • Tracking features

Marketing & Funding

  • Partnerships with larger exchanges
  • Financial Literacy Course
  • Diversify regions


  • New blockchain integrations


  • Market Studio
  • Trading features
  • Continuous development


  • Developer APIs beta
  • Trading automations features


  • Dapp Store


  • Developer APIs launch
  • Upgrades and new features to trading automation
  • Application for Binance CEX Listing

Frequently Asked Questions

Will contract ownership be renounced?
If you're not renouncing, how can I be sure as an investor that I won't be scammed or rugged?